Estate Agents Secret

OK……secret maybe a bit strong but this piece of software is new and exciting so I have to know that you are an estate agent and not one of my competitors.

Email me back at contact at petercharalambos,com (use the normal email format…’s written like that to stop spammers’ software accessing my email address.

What does this software do?

Scenario one;

You have a board outside a property for sale or to let….I wonder how many people make a note of the address and your number with the intention of calling you. They move on up the road and there’s another agent’s board so they make more notes with the same intention……and so on.

If you were standing by your board you would probably pin them to the ground metaphorically speaking and use your super selling powers to work on them and could probably make a sale or at least have more of a chance than if you were not there.

Anyway, who’s to know that they may see another agent’s property up the road and call them instead.

Scenario two;

Your office is closed and a punter is looking in your window and sees a property he/she likes. Same again…..they can make notes with the intention of calling…..but… it seems that you EA’s like to be near each other they wonder off up the road making note after note with similar intentions. The first call they make probably has something similar to first mover advantage and I guess the greater chance of a sale…..but what do I know.

Scenario three;

They see your printed advert in the local paper or other print ad somewhere. Same thing applies as scenario two… are all in the same paper (I assume) so they make copious notes. Which one of you will get that first call?

In each of the above cases you can’t be there physically so, unless you have a camera set to count them, you have no idea and no control how many visitors made notes at the board or print ad for you to get that first call. Again, I’m not an EA so I have no idea if getting that first call is an advantage. In my industry of marketing we have a good chance of converting a caller interested in our products so they have no interest in looking elsewhere.

Question!…..would you like to know who made notes from the board or print ad?…. be it in the middle of your working day or as soon as (or before) you opened the office in the morning so that you could jump on them….. figuratively speaking?

The technology exists now so anyone wishing to get that ‘first mover advantage’ in their area exclusively can contact me to have a chat.