Internet Marketing Newbies

As a 12 years veteran in online marketing I feel sick whenever I see some of these Gurus telling newbies (often new because they’be been made redundant and are desperate to find a way of earning money for their family) that they can earn thousands if they follow this course or buy that product. So many of us have been there.

They are bombarded with information and products and they buy them only to end up taking up space on their hard drive. They mean to use it but by the time they start studying how to to use it another shiny object is offered to them and they buy that too because it’s going to increase the chances of being successful.

True, some products (tools) are extremely helpful and time savers and I’ve bought a lot but my rule is to buy what I can use today to help me save time or that I can sell on to a local business to help them get more business.

Some of these internet marketers are genuine of course and I know a few of them but most don’t care and join the crowd that every man and his dog are offering it too…(with amazing bonuses that all too often were last years failures)

I could go on but it makes me feel worse….one day I will add more to this article….I just wanted to get it out there and hopefully a newbie will see it and only buy what he can use today and resist the temptation to buy the next shiny object.