Hi Agustin

I couldn’t think of another way to send this.


Hi Agustin

I have a number of questions running around my non techie head and wonder if you could help me to understand them using plain English (American will suffice)

I understand that Google pulled out of the market which, to me, meant no more Beacon marketing. That is confirmed by what I read into what you guys are working on to (sot of) replace what Google offered the market through Chrome?…right/wrong?

So, some people tell me, no Beacon marketing yet I’m told but others are offering it (I’ll name just one). Beaconstac.com who seem to have some big name users https://www.screencast.com/t/MZA8XWI7bMQ

I want to have my own platform so therefore I don’t want to use anybody else’s. So, I asked around and was told;

Is there a way that I can set up my small town with proximity marketing as a tool to boost trade for local businesses?

I am the admin of a closed local Facebook group with 5,200 members many of who would like to support local businesses especially with a special (group only) discount. I have partly prepared an online local directory to show any discounts local businesses are offering.

My small town has an indoor retail centre (mall) where I would like to place Beacons perhaps via the Mall operators. Is that feasible currently?

What would I need to do to place Beacons inside local brick and mortar stores if currently possible? Do I assume I need an App for each store?

I’d better stop here.