Should I or should I not?

“To love or not to love, that is the question”
(A bit of Shakespeare with a bit of Peter Charalambos)
Smile please.

I will describe a scenario of what a great mind once wrote and that most people in the world fit into. Are you one of them or have you ever wondered if there is more?

Imagine a fish tank, long and rectangular. Add the water to the whole tank but put a wall of glass halfway along the tank to create two tanks. Add the fish to one half of the tank and leave the other half of the tank without fish.

These fish will swim happily up and down the length and width of their half of the tank until they die,

If, after a while, you were to remove the glass partition, you would be very surprised at the result. The fish would continue swimming up and down the length and width of their known half of the tank until they die They would never know what they might have missed if they had been brave enough to swim into the previously empty part of the tank.

Why don’t they swim into the empty half of the tank? Well, some will take a look…and they might wonder, but most will turn back and continue with their life as they always lived it. Swimming up and down the length and width of their known half of the tank, until they die.

One or two, however (is that you?) will realise that there is another world in the other half of the tank and will venture out to explore. They soon come to see that instead of the same old life they have been living all their lives, they see an abundance of special love, exotic foods and sweet fruits the like of which they had never ever imagined and they can now live in both their existing world as well as the new world that they have discovered.

Of those fish that would not venture out of their half, we must ask the question why. Why do they not wish to see this ‘other’ world? The answer is known as PRE-COGNITIVE COMMITMENT. They are all committed to what they know even though they have often thought that there must be something out else out there, something they can feel strongly drawing them and that they ought to experience, but never do for lack of courage.

“Those that do go out into the world, grow as a person because they know that human behaviour flows from three main sources, desire, emotion and knowledge. Stand still and you will wilt and die.”

“You will learn by reading but will understand with love”
Peter Charalambos